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Bringing the Elements of Love to Your Home

Éléments d'Amour was created to bring the different elements of love into your home. The warm light created by the amber jars provides a space of comfort and peace. The delicate flowers are precisely placed to add a soft, detailed touch to the candles. Each candle is an element of love that is felt through the perfectly blended scents that fill any room.

All Natural Products

At our shop, we prioritize your well-being. That's why we only use safe and natural ingredients in all our products.

Made in Boston

Formed in 2020, every single piece is meticulously made by someone who genuinely cares and pours their passion into every piece, ensuring the highest quality.

Self Care

The products we offer encourage self-care and promote love for anyone who uses them, which is why our products are designed with you in mind.

Customer Reviews

"If you love candles as much as I do - I highly recommend this brand."

Customer Reviews

"These candles are amazing. I bought the smaller ones and finished it up in one week! My next purchase will definitely be the bigger ones."

Customer Reviews

"Sensation is my favorite one. It smells like heaven!!"

Customer Reviews

"I'm a sucker for Éléments d'Amour candles. Her candles smell soo good!"

Customer Reviews

"Smells and looks great. Don't even want to light it!"